Electrolysis Q & A Session on Cataphoresis

Why do Electrologists use Cataphoresis after Electrolysis?

Cataphoresis offers many benefits. It can reduce the warm sensation, and redness which can be caused by electrolysis. Also, the electrical current stimulates the sebaceous gland which will secrete basic sebum. The hair follicle then becomes a potential area for the effect of the production of bacteria proliferation. The best reason to use cataphoresis after electrolysis is to restore the pH balance of the skin, in order to prevent any infection.

Cataphoresis is done by applying an ionizable product on the skin using the positive pole. It is usually a small roller. By using ionizable products, we maximize the effect of cataphoresis and the active ingredients of the desired astringent used by the electrologist will penetrate deep into the skin creating the most benefit.

The redness that can be produced by electrology treatments is significantly reduced by the means of Cataphoresis. It helps to bactericide and germicide the area. One’s skin will be red anywhere from 30 minutes up to a couple of hours, depending on the skin type. The redness slowly returns to normal in or around this timeframe. The Cataphoresis after-treatment care is not only beneficial for a successful treatment but it is very soothing to the treated area.