Off the Road – Dedrejewels

It’s time to take a break from Electrology news and check out some local artists and their wares I find very special.

Meet one of my favorite local jewelry artists, Dedrea Danilov. Her wares are handmade in her Studio located in Seattle, WA. Dedrea specializes in unique, one of a kind designs for every occasion. I guarantee that you will feel special every time you wear one of Dedrea’s pieces of jewelry. Once you own some of her pieces be prepared to receive many compliments every time you wear her unique designs. A wonderful investment. Have fun shopping!

il_570xN.540102403_gg2wil_170x135.594188167_oa1uOrganice Bronze and Pearl Cuffil_75x75.539766671_csnaHamd Knitted Natural Ruby and Gold Filled Bracelet

Shown above Hand Knit Natural Baltic Amber bracelet, Purple Iridescent Pearl Earrings, Organic Bronze and Pearl Cuff, Handmade Viking Knit Peridot Earrings, Hand Knitted Natural Ruby Gold Filled Bracelet

Welcome to Dedreajewels,

My one of a kind organic pieces are created by wire wrapping, knitting, crocheting and using a technique called Viking Knit. I create the chain in my bracelets and necklaces using this method. I use semi precious stones, fossils, some art glass, sterling silver, stainless steel, gold filled wire, copper, brass and bronze. I have also started incorporating metalwork into my designs.

Each piece is completely designed and handcrafted by me.

Please take your time to look through my creations, and find your own unique piece. I hope you will enjoy my designs, as much as I do creating them!

Custom orders are welcomed.

Dedrea’s handmade items can be found on her Etsy site, the Ventures Sea-Tac airport shops and Ventures Pike Street Shop – downtown Seattle. Please contact Dedrea via her Etsy site for more information on purchases and locations.

Enjoy your off-road-journey with Dedreajewels.